Made-to-Order Sandwiches, Salads & Grain Bowls!


Fresh Made Sandwiches

Our wholesome sandwiches are layered with premium, nutritious ingredients.  We bake our bread from scratch daily to ensure phenomenal flavor and health benefits, use high quality meat, gourmet style spreads, and fresh vegetables.
Try our Baja Chipotle Turkey or choose from many delicious varieties!


All Classic Sandwiches are made with thin sliced red onion, romaine lettuce, sliced tomato, spicy brown mustard,
 mayonnaise, salt and pepper, and Honey Whole Wheat bread unless otherwise requested.

 Ham & Swiss  /  $7.25 Whole  /  600 cal
Tender slices of honey-smoked ham and Swiss cheese

Turkey & Swiss  /  $7.25 Whole  /  590 cal
Oven roasted turkey breast and Swiss cheese

Roast Beef & Provolone  /  $8.25  Whole  /  600 cal
Sliced roast beef and aged provolone

Veggie Three Seed Hummus  /  $7.25 Whole  /  600 cal
Roasted Three Seed Hummus, Carrot, Cucumber.

Tuna Salad  /  $7.25 Whole  /  600 cal
Chunky white albacore tuna with a seasoned mayonnaise dressing

Peanut Butter & Jelly  /  $5.50 Whole  /  480 calNatural peanut butter and jam


All Signature Sandwiches are made with thin sliced red onion, romaine lettuce, sliced tomato,
 salt and pepper, and Honey Whole Wheat bread unless otherwise requested.

California Cobb  /  $8.25 Whole  /  560 cal
Fresh avocado, smoked turkey breast, and crispy bacon, with a bleu cheese spread

The Italian  /  $8.25 Whole  /  740 cal
Shaved ham, and Genoa Salami, provolone, red wine vinaigrette, and cabbage 

Louisville Chicken Salad  /  $7.25 Whole   /  740 cal
Chunks of white chicken meat in a seasoned mayonnaise dressing with sweet & spicy pecans

Pepper Blue Roast Beef  /  $8.25  Whole  /  560 cal
Blue Cheese Spread & Roast Beef

Baja Chipotle Turkey  /  $8.25  Whole  /  620 cal
Thinly sliced turkey, avocado, shaved cabbage, chipotle honey lime yogurt, pickled red onions, & pepper jack cheese

Baja Chipotle Turkey Sandwich

A fresh kick to a turkey sandwich! Piled high with pepper jack cheese, avocado, chipotle honey lime yogurt sauce, shaved cabbage, pickled red onions and tomatoes. Simply Delicious!


Spicy Turkey & Pepperjack  /  $8.25 Whole  /  730 cal
Spicy Southwest Mayonnaise, Turkey Breast, Red Onion,  Roasted Peppers and Onions,
 Pepper Jack Cheese, Romaine Lettuce & Tomato

Turkey Chile Cheddar Melt  /  $8.25 Whole  /  590 cal
Ggreen chile mayonnaise, Roasted green chiles, Turkey Breast, Cheddar Cheese & Tomato 

Cubano Sandwich  /  $8.25 Whole   /  580 cal
 Ham, Turkey, Swiss Cheese, Dijon Mustard, Dill Pickles & Pickled Red Onions

Mile High Panini  /  $8.25  Whole  /  750 cal
Roasted Garlic & Dill Spread, Turkey Breast, Roast Beef, Red Onion, Swiss Cheese, Romaine Lettuce & Tomato

Grilled cheese  /  $5.75  Whole  /  680 cal
Cheddar & Provolone Cheese, and a light taste of our Garlic & Herb spread

Best Ever BLT Hot Sandwich   /  $5.75  Whole  /  460 cal
Mayonnaise, Black Pepper, Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato

Beyond Fresh Salads

Amazingly fresh and exciting salad combinations! All topped with our simple and delicious house-made dressings.
Choose from the Greek, Mexicali, Cobb! 

Greek Salad / $5.75 Small / $9.25 Large


Fresh greens, artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and feta cheese, topped with our house-made red wine & olive oil vinaigrette.

Mexicali Salad / $5.75 Small / $9.25 Large


Mixed greens, smoked turkey breast, fresh avocado, shaved cabbage, cherry tomatoes, red onion, black beans, and our delicious house-made chipotle honey lime yogurt dressing. . 

Cobb Salad / $5.75 Small / $9.25 Large


Mixed greens, smoked turkey breast, bacon, cherry tomatoes, avocado, blue cheese crumbles, and Great Harvest croutons topped with our fresh house-made, roasted garlic-lemon vinaigrette. 
Great Harvest Bread of Casper